First Day of School Learning Groups

Dear Don Ross Families,


Emails are currently being sent home regarding placement in learning groups. If, for some reason, you do not receive an email please know that DRM counselors will be on hand tomorrow to assist any child with finding their group. Our counselling team will be holding signs and will assist any student that requires help.


Please click here to view a sample of the letter that is being sent home. Please review this letter as it contains details regarding the first day of school. We recognize that, as emails were being sent, there may be some confusion if you have siblings in the school. Please click the link below in order to view the DRM Learning Groups. It will indicate the grade level of the classroom teacher.


Please click here to view our learning groups.


Thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to welcoming your children back to school.


Take care,


Cory Hartling


Don Ross Middle School