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Margaret Marchant Library Policies

To volunteer in the School Library please see Ms. Sherlock or contact her at [email protected]

Library Expectations:

  • Be considerate of others working in the library
    • Return library materials promptly so others can use them
    •  Take care of materials and equipment, or responsibly replace or reimburse
    •  Do not bring food and/or drink into the library
  • No Gaming on Library computers


Loan Policy:

  • Books: two week loans on non-curricular materials
    • Textbooks: are loaned for the duration of the course
    •  Reference Books (e.g., almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries): library use only
  • Non-Print materials (e.g., videos, DVDs): overnight
    • Overdue Materials: borrowing privileges will be suspended until all overdue materials are returned, renewed, replaced or repaid.
    •  Lost or Damaged Materials: a replacement charge will be assessed on any lost or damaged (beyond usability) materials. You may opt to replace the item with an equivalent.
    •  Refunds: made if materials are found and returned, or replaced within the school year
    •  Sign Out: All materials in the library must be signed out at the circulation desk using your student number. Taking materials out of the library without signing them out is theft.
    •  Returns: all books (novels and textbooks) can be returned at the circulation desk or through the return slot in the hallway near the library entrance.


Library Services:

  • Reference Section, Dictionaries, DVDs (English & French)
    • Online Resources (electronic databases, encyclopedias, articles and search engines)
    •  Computer Stations (7) & Printer
    •  Research Assistance & Orientations
    •  Textbook & Curricular Resources Management
    •  Scholastic Book Club Ordering (monthly, on the 20th day of each month)
    •  Online Library Catalogue Searching (Destiny Database)
    •  Webliographies
    •  Bibliographies
  • Library Store (poster paper, calculators, earbuds, glue sticks, pencils)
  • Book to Movie Club